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North Gwent Archers First Ever WFAA Tournament

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

North Gwent Archers held their first ever WFAA tournament at Tredegar Leisure Centre on the 7th of April. FMT 2 was a roaring success with 37 archers turning out to shoot the International round. Even the sun came out to help make the day glorious, with clear skies and not a rain drop in sight.

On the face of it the course looked relatively easy with all targets being flat, but the cross winds soon put paid to that making the shots a little tricky and had archers thinking. #wickedwindoftheweststrikesagain.

I'm glad that everyone had a great day, it was good to see everyone smiling, laughing and enjoying the shooting, as well as the sunshine, which is quite a rarity in Tredegar lol.

As always Lynda's cooking went down a treat and kept the archers fed, watered and very happy. #mmmmmbacon Thanks Lynda you've now been unanimously voted an honorary life member of North Gwent Archers.

Thanks to all archers who turned out to help make the shoot as good as it was. Congratulations to all the medal winners and the 15 archers who shot new Welsh records. The results for FMT2 are now available on the tournament diary page.

In answer to the popular question, asked by many archers throughout the day, Yes, now we know it's possible, we will be looking to hold more tournaments as soon as we can arrange and fit them into the shoot calendar. #watchthisspace

Super big pat on the back for the members of North Gwent Archers who pulled out all the stops to get the tournament up and running. It was great to see everyone working together to get the course set up for the day's shoot. Big up to everyone, you did the club proud. #superprouddad

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