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Dear WFAA Members.

The WFAA was founded in 1970 and we are a group of volunteer archers that make up the archery committee that govern field archery in Wales.

In order to continually improve the WFAA, we require your involvement in this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place on Saturday 19th November 2022 at 2.30pm at Heol-Y-Cyw Rugby Football Club, 37 High St, Bridgend, CF35 6HR.

For the successful running of the WFAA, there are 9 positions on the committee.

Most positions are renewed annually with the exception of the executive roles which are the President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer.


are renewed on a staggered two-yearly basis to ensure that we retain continuity in the committee.

This year the following positions are open for any member to apply for:

  1. Vice President > Perform the duties of the president if the president is unable to act.

  2. General Secretary > Prepare and submit to the General Committee and AGM an annual report on the membership and outstanding communications of the WFAA and provide a statement on its growth > Conduct the affairs of the WFAA in accordance with the programs, policies and directives established by the General Committee > Organise and operate the administrative offices of the WFAA > Coordinate the activities and programs of the WFAA > Ensure proper publication of official notices and reports and shall be responsible for the archive of the WFAA’s documents.

  3. Range Charter Officer > Supervise and administer the national range charter policy in accordance with the wishes of the General Committee > Report to and advise the General Committee on matters relating to range charter > Issue course charter certificates as requested and as appropriate > Collect fees for chartering ranges (in line with the rules) and remit to the Treasurer in a timely manner

  4. Tournaments Officer > Be responsible for the generation of the annual shoot diary, consisting of international national, and regional tournaments > Coordinate the setting of national, and regional tournaments with member clubs > Be the custodian of all eternal trophies of the WFAA. Records shall be kept of the whereabouts of all such trophies and their condition > Request the return of all eternal trophies at least 3 weeks before the related tournament is due to take place > Coordinate the administration of all national level tournaments > Issue entry forms for national tournaments, collect entry fees for the same and remit all such tournament fees to the Treasurer timeously > Report and advise the Committee on all matter concerning national and regional tournaments.

  5. Membership Secretary > Supervise the collection of all membership fees and remit such fees to the Treasurer in a timely manner > Prepare and maintain up to date membership lists > Issue membership and classification record cards

  6. Records and Incentives Officer > Supervise and administer the national classification and incentives systems > Report to and advise the General Committee on matters relating to classifications and incentives > Maintain records of, and issue national record, top ranker and incentives certificates as requested and as appropriate

  7. IFAA Rep > Be the focal/contact point for the IFAA on all matters relating to the Association > Be responsible for liaison between the General Committee and the IFAA > Advise the Committee on all matters of an international nature > Represent the Association at IFAA meetings and meetings with other members of the IFAA.

If you would like to apply to become a member of the WFAA Committee, please send an email application stating which position you would like to apply for, together with a brief description about yourselves, to the General Secretary at, by the 4th November 2022.

You will then need to attend on the day of the AGM where voting for each position will be take place by the attending members.

There will be a brief meeting after the voting.

We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

Yours in archery

WFAA Committee

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