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WFAA AGM & Awards Presentation

Hey guys,

This year, the WFAA AGM and Awards Presentation is to be held on December 1st in Heol-Y-Cyw RFC, commencing at 14:00.

This is a time to reflect upon this year's events and successes as well as to bring forward suggestions for the WFAA for the upcoming year. As such, we cordially invite any WFAA member to attend the event to join with us and celebrate the achievements of all of our archers in 2019 and to help us plan as we look to the future and to 2020. If there are any items that you would like to be tabled to the agenda for the AGM, please could you email the general secretary ( so that such arrangements can be put in place.

Additionally, we encourage any of our members to consider helping out the WFAA by joining our general committee. If you click here you will get redirected to the application form. Also, looking below this blog post, you can find a description of all the committee roles so you can decide where you would be best suited!

We look forward to welcoming you all to our AGM and Awards Presentation! Please remember to bring your Classification Card as a proof of membership! Yours in Archery, WFAA General Committee


Description of Committee Roles

President 1. Preside at all general meetings

2. Prepare and submit to the General Committee and AGM an annual report on the activities and position of the WFAA

3. Be the representative figurehead of the Association at WFAA and IFAA events.

Vice-President 1. Perform the duties of the president if the president is unable to act.

General Secretary

1. Prepare and submit to the General Committee and AGM an annual report on the membership and outstanding communications of the WFAA and provide a statement on its growth

2. Conduct the affairs of the WFAA in accordance with the programs, policies and directives established by the General Committee

3. Organise and operate the administrative offices of the WFAA

4. Coordinate the activities and programs of the WFAA

5. Ensure proper publication of official notices and reports and shall be responsible for the archive of the WFAA’s documents.

Treasurer 1. Prepare and submit to the General Committee and AGM an annual report on the financial activities and status of the WFAA

2. Supervise the financial affairs of the WFAA

3. Keep detailed books of accounts for the WFAA in the format directed by the General Committee

4.Shall provide financial statements of account at each General Committee meeting as directed by the General Committee.

Tournaments Officer

1. Be responsible for the generation of the annual shoot diary, consisting of international national, and regional tournaments

2. Coordinate the setting of national, and regional tournaments with member clubs

3. Be the custodian of all eternal trophies of the WFAA. Records shall be kept of the whereabouts of all such trophies and their condition

4. Request the return of all eternal trophies at least 3 weeks before the related tournament is due to take place

5. Coordinate the administration of all national level tournaments

6. Issue entry forms for national tournaments, collect entry fees for the same and remit all such tournament fees to the Treasurer timeously

7. Report and advise the Committee on all matter concerning national and regional tournaments.

Membership Secretary

1. Supervise the collection of all membership fees and remit such fees to the Treasurer in a timely manner

2. Prepare and maintain up to date membership lists

3. Issue membership and classification record cards

Classifications Officer

1. Supervise and administer the national classification and incentives systems

2. Report to and advise the General Committee on matters relating to classifications and incentives

3. Maintain records of, and issue national record, top ranker and incentives certificates as requested and as appropriate

Range Charter Officer

1. Supervise and administer the national range charter policy in accordance with the wishes of the General Committee

2. Report to and advise the General Committee on matters relating to range charter

3. Issue course charter certificates as requested and as appropriate

4. Collect fees for chartering ranges (in line with the rules) and remit to the Treasurer in a timely manner

IFAA Representative

1. Be the focal/contact point for the IFAA on all matters relating to the Association

2. Be responsible for liaison between the General Committee and the IFAA

3. Advise the Committee on all matters of an international nature

4. Represent the Association at IFAA meetings and meetings with other members of the IFAA.

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