WFAA Competition Annoucnment

Due to the relaxation of the Covid-19 lockdown rules the WFAA are happy to announce that competitions have resumed.

The WFAA held the first FMT on the 13th of June.  A Hunter round shoot hosted at Red Kite Field archers field course.
The Second FMT shoot took place on Sunday the 11th of July.
The Covid-19 regulations in force at the time of the competition will be maintained during the day, we do ask archers to bring their own hand sanitising gel for use around the course.
We are planning to hold the 2021 Welsh & Open Championships mid September at Red Kite.  A firm date is under discussion and we will let you know as soon as the date has been arranged.
Members wishing to take part in the competition should get in contact with our Tournaments officer Shane Thomas via the email .

Please Note - Confirmation of booking will only be given once payment for entry has been made, all payments will have to be paid by bank transfer to the WFAA account prior to t. Unfortunately we cannot take any cash payments on the day.
We look forward to seeing you at the competition.

Stephen Harrison

WFAA General Secretary

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