Professional Classification

Registered Professional Archers

Geraint Thomas

Date of Registration: 01/11/2008

Tapani Kalmaru


Date of Registration: 01/07/2009

Alex Bridgeman


Date of Registration: 15/07/2011

Neil Vodden


Date of Registration: 28/07/2014

Pro Archers Shooting In Wales

Within Wales, the WFAA does not recognise professional archery shooting divisions.  All professional archers will shoot in the equivalent amateur division.  This applies for all club, regional, national and international tournaments hosted by WFAA (except where WFAA hosts an IFAA sanctioned tournament)

Pro Archers Shooting Outside Wales

Not all IFAA member nations recognise professional archery shooting divisions in their tournaments.  Professional archers must seek clarification of division in such cases with the governing body of the country where the tournament is taking place.

​For all IFAA tournaments, professional archers must register within their professional division.  Full rules and regulations for professional archers are defined in the IFAA Book of Rules.

Guidance on the Definition of a Pro Archer
This has been a regular point of debate since the rules for professional archers was changed in 2008.  However, as a general guide, if any of the following applies to you, and shoot in either the Freestyle Limited or Unlimited divisions (recurve and compound), then you should consider registering as a professional archer:

  • If you compete in professional archery tournaments - including IFAA or non IFAA sanctioned tournaments

When considering a change to the pro division, please be aware that if you subsequently retire back to an amateur division, you will not be able to compete at IFAA sanctioned tournaments for a period of 1 year.

Professional Registration
All professional archers are required by the IFAA to be registered on the International Register of Professional Archers.  Any archers from Wales who wish to register as a professional must first register on the WFAA Register of Professional Archers.  The WFAA will then register you with the IFAA.

If you wish to register as a professional, please email the General Secretary with your name, shooting division and membership number.

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