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Payment Information

Payment of both membership and tournament fees are preferred to be made by Bank Transfer as this payment method is instantaneous so that your membership can be completed and verified sooner.  However, where Bank Transfer is unavailable, payment by cheque is possible.

Bank Transfer

Please mark your transfer with 
"[Initials-MEM]" so that we are able to track your payment
Sort Code: 30-90-89
Account Number: 44039760


Cheque Payment

Please contact the membership secretary prior to making any payment via cheque.

If you have any uncertainty regarding the completion of this form for any reason, do not hesitate to contact the WFAA Membership Secretary by clicking the underlined text in this paragraph!

If your query is related to confusion of Bow Styles please consult the relevant page by clicking the underlined text in this paragraph!

Please be aware – By completing and submitting form you are making a binding agreement for the term of your annual membership with the WFAA to abide by the Rules and Constitution of the WFAA and any or all of the IFAA rules that govern or control Field Archery as an overarching authority to the country associations.


Failure to abide by these, and the rules and constitution of the WFAA, means that you will not be covered by the WFAA Limited Liability insurance.


As part of that you are agreeing to the following points:

  • I agree to abide by the Rules and Constitution of the WFAA and the IFAA as required and wish to join/rejoin the WFAA.


  • I have read and understood the WFAA Child Protection Policy and agree to adhere to it.


  • I have never been investigated or convicted of any form of abuse.


  • I will only take photos/videos during organised WFAA shoots where I have sought permission.

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